Road Trip Bundle
Sunderland Road By Herrick
Herrick Bumper Sticker
Herrick Keychain
Herrick Koozie
Herrick Roadtrip Postcard


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Not only does this commemorative copy come signed by every member of the band, it also includes:

  • A signed, personalized "Sunderland Road" CD so that you know it’s real 

  • A  Digital Download of "Sunderland Road" right to your email inbox!
    • A limited edition ‘Road Trip’ Bumper Sticker so that the rest of the world knows you were in the family FIRST.

    • A Herrick Key chain that serves as A lifetime discount at merch booths at shows (25%) so that you can rep The Herrick fam forever and always!

    • A Herrick Koozie drink with Herrick in your hand!
    • A custom postcard


  • A handwritten thank you note

    Plus you save 20% on your order as a part of this
    special bundle is never going to be publicly available.🌟